Metaverse is a new evolution of mankind. Join us in our first migration plan to virtual space.

Metanian provides you with infinite possibilities.

According to Hyper AI's planned Metaverse migration plan, societies, as well as humanity, are recognized on Metaverse.

Metanian is your online persona. There are infinite possibilities awaiting you.

According to the Metaverse migration plan planned by Hyper AI, humanity, and societies such as banks, real estate, commerce, fashion, and art are implemented in Metaverse.

  • Metanian

    Under Hyper AI's plan to relocate human Metaverse, 10,000 metanians of four different races will be created.

  • Special Appearance

    Metanians each have different characteristics and all have a unique appearance.

  • Your Persona

    Express yourself by personalizing your Metanian.

  • High Asset Values

    Metanian assets and items are stored in the blockchain to form reliable asset value.

  • Welcome to UNLIMIT CITY!

    Start another life in Unlimit City, a world where imagination becomes a reality.

  • Your own living space

    Decorate your own living space, display NFT, invite friends, and hold exhibitions.

  • Commercial Areas

    Commercial areas such as cafes, karaoke rooms, and dance clubs are waiting for you.

  • Be the first in Unlimit City!

    Be the first of 10,000 in Preempt Unlimit City!

As You Move Metanian Dreams

Through motion tracking technology, your movements spread like waves on Metaverse. Your whole body and vivid expressions are conveyed through the Metanian.


Invite friends that are far in distance to Metanism.

Gather in one place, talk, watch movies, and listen to your favorite songs. Meet new friends through live motion and voice chat.


The key to Metaverse is an economic system.

Experience the same economic structures as reality. Gain profits through life in Metaverse. The possibilities in Metanism are endless.


  • 22.1Q - Migration to the Metaverse begins

    10,000 Metanians will be issued by NFT. Unique characteristics and abilities will be distributed. Metanian is the beginning of a new kind of humanity.

  • 22.2Q - Virtual real estate ownership is distributed

    1:1 Avatar Subscription rights are given, whereas housing space is applied in equilibrium. Commercial Facilities can be applied differently depending on the type of housing space. Functions in the living space are activated using motion tracking. Interact with other users using a controller.

  • 22.3Q - Commercial Areas Open

    Commercial facilities in virtual real estate will open. Hold online meetings and social gatherings at virutal cafes through Metanism. In addition, improve your home training experience with motion tracking technology through your Metanian.

  • 22.4Q - Economic System is in Operation

    Metanism's economic system will be activated to deposit assets in banks. Invest in virtual assets through DEX. A studio has been opened for creators, allowing anyone to create Metaverse items (fashion, furniture, art, music) and generate profit.

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